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CodeIgniter User Guide Version 2.2.6

Running via the CLI

As well as calling an applications Controllers via the URL in a browser they can also be loaded via the command-line interface (CLI).

What is the CLI?

The command-line interface is a text-based method of interacting with computers. For more information, check the Wikipedia article.

Why run via the command-line?

There are many reasons for running CodeIgniter from the command-line, but they are not always obvious.

Let's try it:  Hello World!

Let's create a simple controller so you can see it in action. Using your text editor, create a file called tools.php, and put the following code in it:

Then save the file to your application/controllers/ folder.

Now normally you would visit the your site using a URL similar to this:

Instead, we are going to open Terminal in Mac/Linux or go to Run > "cmd" in Windows and navigate to our CodeIgniter project.

$ cd /path/to/project;
$ php index.php tools message

If you did it right, you should see Hello World!.

$ php index.php tools message "John Smith"

Here we are passing it a argument in the same way that URL parameters work. "John Smith" is passed as a argument and output is: Hello John Smith!.

That's it!

That, in a nutshell, is all there is to know about controllers on the command line. Remember that this is just a normal controller, so routing and _remap works fine.