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CodeIgniter User Guide Version 2.2.6

Directory Helper

The Directory Helper file contains functions that assist in working with directories.

Loading this Helper

This helper is loaded using the following code:


The following functions are available:

directory_map('source directory')

This function reads the directory path specified in the first parameter and builds an array representation of it and all its contained files. Example:

$map = directory_map('./mydirectory/');

Note: Paths are almost always relative to your main index.php file.

Sub-folders contained within the directory will be mapped as well. If you wish to control the recursion depth, you can do so using the second parameter (integer). A depth of 1 will only map the top level directory:

$map = directory_map('./mydirectory/', 1);

By default, hidden files will not be included in the returned array. To override this behavior, you may set a third parameter to true (boolean):

$map = directory_map('./mydirectory/', FALSE, TRUE);

Each folder name will be an array index, while its contained files will be numerically indexed. Here is an example of a typical array:

   [libraries] => Array
       [0] => benchmark.html
       [1] => config.html
       [database] => Array
             [0] => active_record.html
             [1] => binds.html
             [2] => configuration.html
             [3] => connecting.html
             [4] => examples.html
             [5] => fields.html
             [6] => index.html
             [7] => queries.html
       [2] => email.html
       [3] => file_uploading.html
       [4] => image_lib.html
       [5] => input.html
       [6] => language.html
       [7] => loader.html
       [8] => pagination.html
       [9] => uri.html